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Who we are?

We are the workaholism experts. We work more than 12 hours a day. We don't like sleeping and eating regularly. We think mottos like living the life are for weak.

What will you learn?

Only best practices:

  • how to make office your home,
  • how to overdose coffee,
  • how to replace word Mom with ASAP.

Get ready!

The diagram you are going to see below is going to change your life!

The ultimate workaholism diagram

Get up at 7 am on Monday. Fresh, happy and most important ready to work hard. Don't eat breakfast. Nobody has time for that. Teleport to your office.
Enter the office thinking that you will finish doing tasks you started on Friday.
You're naive. PM just sent you 10 e-mails of things you have to do ASAP on yesterday.
Go to kitchen to get some coffee. Nobody starts working without coffee. If you do we don't like you.
Start doing new tasks leaving all the old ones on issue branch.
PM asks you if changes are live. You tell him that you started 15 minutes ago.
PM tells you that the copy on pages you uploaded on server last week is wrong and it needs to be fixed ASAP, because conversion is dropping. You leave previous changes on another issue branch.
PM goes for lunch. You finally have some time to actually work.
You realize you're hungry. On Mondays no food truck arrives. It's also too late for lunch in Bal. Ogród kulinarny is the only option left. PM is also there. While eating he tells you what nearest future plans are.
You finish changing the copy. You push all the changes and create new production branch. Fixes are being uploaded live. You realize you have to update all tickets on Redmine.
You start porting tasks from e-mails to Asana. You realize there are also 10 tasks on Asana from PM and CEO. All of them are overdue.
CEO calls you that someone is coming to office to talk with you about growth hacking. online marketing. new CRM. new resources. growth hacking.
After meeting you finally start doing tasks. You close most of them.
You realize that it's 2 am and none of the tasks from previous week have been touched. You go home miserable.
Repeat most of above till Friday.
Get shitfaced.

Are you truly a workaholic?

If your daily routine includes at least 40% of above, we have a great news for you!

Congratulations! You're workaholic!

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